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Absolut Services Inc is a Maine owned and operated business located in Eustis/Stratton serving the western Maine mountain area since 1996.

ASI specializes in the installation of commercial/residential engineered and non-engineered septic systems. We are fully trained in the Presby Enviro septic treatment system and the Presby Envirofin.

We have the right equipment and skills for the building of private roads including culverts, ditching and bridges.

Would you like help with the planning of your new home, garage, or camp? We provide services to clear your lot and establish a driveway. Also, we can install your new foundation, well, and septic system.

Maybe you already have a home or camp, but need some maintenance. We have experience in jacking and leveling as well as installing new foundations under existing buildings.

Our employees have over 50 years experience in the excavation and building trades. Including the above mentioned as well as carpentry, plumbing & heating.

With our many years of experience, we will ensure that your job is done to your satisfaction the first time!

We look forward to working with you!